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Welcome to Omega Cure

We are pleased that we have this opportunity to tell you about Omega Cure and the importance of super-fresh omega-3 from fish.

Omega Cure is derived from cod caught north of the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway. It is by far the freshest fish oil available. One small table spoon (8 ml) is all you need every day. This will cover your needs of all the omega-3 and allow you to reap the numerous health benefits linked omega-3.

Since Omega Cure is so fresh there is no fishy taste or smell that you would normally associate with fish oil.

Forget capsules as they will most certainly contain rancid old oil and to achieve a measurable dose you would have to take 10-15 every day. Some capsules contain oil that is of such an inferior quality that they can actually cause harm.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body needs to function properly. It has many vital functions and we have to get it through food or as a dietary supplement. The later is becoming more and more important largely due to our modern diet which is low on fatty fish (the best natural source for omega-3) and, even more disturbing, rich in fast food and other heavily processed food.

The result is, at least for most of us, a lack of omega-3 and a large surplus of the other essential fatty acid family omega-6.

The ideal ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 should be 1:2 – 1:3 but as a consequence of our modern diet this ratio is now 1:15 or worse. As a result a lot of major bodily functions are running well below their potential and as a result we suffer from various ailments that arise from this imbalance.

The most common consequences are skin problems, aching joints, poor concentration, digestive problems, and frequent colds in addition to poor cardiovascular health.

The simple explanation is that omega-3 should make up an important part of all our cell membranes. When we have sufficient omga-3 the membrane is flexible and lets nourishment into the call, disposes of toxins and communicates with surrounding cells. With insufficient omega-3 omega-6, transfats and cholesterols will take its place in the membrane and these vital functions will not operate to their potential and result in a number of problems all of which are well documented by a great deal of scientific research.

You should take Omega Cure every day as a dietary supplement to make sure to cover all your omega-3 needs

Play it safe and use Omega Cure, not only fresh and pleasant tasting, you get the correct daily dosage, in addition Omega Cure is the only oil on the market that has retained all the members the omega-3 family.

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