A pure norwegian product without the taste of fish!

Omega Cure is a cold-pressed fish oil produced so that its natural qualities are fully preserved.

Norwegian quality

Omega Cure is the markets
freshest omega-3 supplements

Child friendly

Pure and fresh,
easy to consume

Neutral taste

Omega Cure has a neutral taste
and can be blended in a dessert

Omega Cure is a natural, broad-spectrum omega-3 oil

Omega Cure is derived from cod caught north of the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway. It is by far the freshest fish oil available. One small table spoon (8 ml) is all you need every day. This will cover your needs of all the omega-3 and allow you to reap the numerous health benefits linked omega-3.

Since Omega Cure is so fresh there is no fishy taste or smell that you would normally associate with fish oil. Forget capsules as they will most certainly contain rancid old oil and to achieve a measurable dose you would have to take 10-15 every day. Some capsules contain oil that is of such an inferior quality that they can actually cause harm.

Quotes from Omegacure customers

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“After I started taking omega cure for six years ago, the energy session, the skin become softer and I have not had a cold. Besides tasting it very much. Recommend this highly!”

- Merete, Drammen.

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Omega Cure is the market's cleanest broad spectrum omega-3. Omega Cure is produced by a unique organic process.
Omega Cure is fresh and has a light and delicate flavor.

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